About Iboga

Tabernathe Iboga

What is Iboga?

Tabernathe Iboga, is a small shrub native to Central West Africa. With vibrant green leaves and oval-shaped Iboga fruit, it’s within the roots where the healing power lies. The root bark, which contains alkaloids, is scraped, dried and ingested containing entheogenic properties. 

Known as “the tree of knowledge and life” Iboga is one of the worlds oldest visionary plant medicines used by mankind, allowing for spiritual and physical healing, and for assisting with emotional and mental conditions. It has been given to us by nature to help us stay connected with nature, as well as ourselves. Originally used by the Pygmy and Bwiti cultures of Africa for ceremonial and initiations, it has recently made its way over to the west to help heal the rest of the world. 

Iboga has been declared a National Treasure by the government of Gabon. 

Note: Iboga is not to be confused with Ibogaine, which is a derivative alkaloid from Iboga. Ibogaine is used primarily in successful and sustained interruption of addictive patterns and behaviour. Ibogaine is used in clinical settings, where as Iboga is used within ceremonies. 

We work solely with Iboga, not Ibogaine.

Iboga contains all of its original alkaloids and is respected for holding the spirit of the plant. We prefer to work with the natural root bark of Iboga, and believe that in this form lies the ideal way to experience it’s healing potential.

Why do we use Iboga?


As this is simply a medicine, those who are in the know use it as such. Many travel all over the word seeking Iboga for its ability to detoxify the mind, body and spirit, healing on a deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

We have come to this human experience to grow, to heal. As much as we’ve each been dealt a different hand of cards, we are all heading in the same direction. Individually we are growing, collectively we are growing.
What is it that needs healing, what happened to us within our lifetime?
What has been passed down through our deep family lineage? 
What have we all been suffering from as a global organism for centuries? 
There are too many examples to list, some include; mental, sexual or physical harm, death, witnessing or experiencing a traumatic experience. 
We are such delicate creatures; any event has the capability of leaving a strong imprint in ones subconscious mind. Often what could seem like the smallest remark from someone, if given enough attention over time, can manifest with a devastating effect. Iboga is used as a tool to simply get a clear understanding and how to address the root of it. 

We each come into this world in such a perfect state, truly in touch with our feelings and needs, and do not hesitate to express ourselves fully.
Not long later, we begin to experience various types of suffering. In hopes to gain protection, many of us begin to put our guard up. Which may seem like a solution, really just contributes to the restriction of expressing ourselves and connecting to one another fully – closing off our heart. 
Iboga can help us very much with this, re-igniting the flame within us. 

It is important to mention the comparison between natural healing methods vs. the pharmaceutical industry. While “modern medicine” certainly serves us in it’s own way, there are many limitations, which must be understood. All too often, one may be thinking that an issue which they are suffering from is getting address, when really it is only the symptom of the issue – this is very dangerous to get the two confused. 

Why many seek healing from Iboga is often because they are tired of what western medicine has to offer, and not offer. It is said by many who have received great healing from Iboga, that they first received an intuitive calling, which they trusted and followed through. 


How does Iboga work?


This is not a “magic” pill. Just as our lives require our conscious will to achieve something, this medicine functions the same way.
One of the most shared views from experienced individuals is that Iboga offers them a deep truth. Not only ones own truth, but also the truth that they are ready for at that specific time. This may be an answer to a question that they are seeking, or an unexpected answer of which they needed.
When one sees such a truth, a deep understanding of how something is, they cannot un-see this. After returning back to their life, old habits are then difficult to keep alive. Destructive behaviours are magnified. This gives us the opportunity to then make new patterns.

After the medicine is ingested, one of the main alkaloids, Ibogaine, gets converted through the liver into a metabolite called Nor-Ibogaine, and is stored in the body’s fat cells for 1-6 months. This gives us a period of time where the medicine is still very much with us and helping us along. 

Iboga is known for connecting one’s soul with the spirit of the medicine, and it’s infinite wisdom. To make such a connection can really give us the opportunity for immense introspection. To have such a dialogue allows for clear answers, which serve our greatest and most true purpose in life.

During a ceremony, various things can take place. On a physical level, the medicine detoxes the body of toxins, emotional blockages and can also help with clearing viruses or parasites. There may also be an emotional detox, cleansing the mind of belief systems and negative thought patterns. Sometimes a reprogramming can take place which does not require ones own active participation. 

A very unique quality that Iboga has is that our tolerance to the medicine lowers over time. Unlike countless medications and drugs which people require progressively higher doses of, this medicine requires us to take less. Once Iboga has established its “work” on us, there is less upkeep needed in the future. 

The most important thing is how the individual and the medicine work together. We set an intention well before a ceremony, taking the time to get close to what it is that we are struggling with. The Iboga is a highly intelligent spirit full of wisdom, and works best with those who give it the up most respect. We are multidimensional beings, ever changing from moment to moment. Each time that the two meet each other, will make for a different experience. Sometimes this may be incredibly gentle, other times more of a “tough pill to swallow”. The important thing to understand is that this is simply a medicine.

What does Iboga help with?


Iboga is known for being effective in treating – some examples: 

•bi-polar disorder 
•eating disorder
•adictive thought patterns 
•childhood trauma
•high blood pressure 
•reconnecting to yourself 
•finding your life purpose


Some other benefits include:


•Cellular Detoxification
•Chemical detoxification
•Improve/re-wire neuroplasticity in the brain
•Increase physical strength and endurance
•Decalcification of the Pineal gland


•A reset to neurotransmitters in the brain
•Mental detox of negative/destructive thoughts
•Support in healing past trauma
•Assists in calming of anxious patterns
•Promotes clarity and peace of mind
•Alleviates worry and stress


•Increase emotional strength and security
•Grounding and centered 
•Releasing unhealthy attachments
•Interrupting vicious cycles and negative feedback loops


•Ancestral healing
•Connecting with your True Self/Soul
•Releasing unhealthy ties/attachments
•Third eye opening
•Assists in self-discovery