Rebecca A.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Iboga and the retreat. It was life changing! Before the weekend was over, I was already trying to plan for a return there. The time at the retreat is so well thought out and planned, to every little detail. I loved being disconnected from my phone and the world in a beautiful Irish countryside.
It was a very healing process. It was a detox, both physical and emotional. Leaving the retreat, I felt like a new person, clean from trauma and baggage. I felt connected to my soul. I started feeling love and appreciation for life. Iboga allowed me to have a new start in life. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I did it. I am so so grateful for the experience.
Johnny was a very big part of my success, and I am forever grateful for everything that he does for me. We need more people like Johnny in this world 🙂 Carl, who is Johnny’s assistant, was wonderful as well, the right person to have around during the process. It takes a very special person to do what they do, and they mastered it, thank you both. I cannot wait to be back.

Rachel W.

When choosing an IBOGA retreat to attend, it was highly important to me to find a facilitator who I could trust. Knowing I would be in a vulnerable state due to the effects of the Iboga, coupled with the expectation that the medicine would bring up unresolved issues from my past– I was looking for a facilitator who approaches their role in an ethical, respectful and earnest manner.

Johnny surpassed my hopes that he would be trustworthy and sincere. At the retreat, Johnny created a safe, non-judgmental, and warm environment. He offered participants guidance and, if needed, steadying support. Carl, who is also an exceptionally kind and lovely person, maintained routine check-ins after the circle ended to ensure all participants had everything they needed throughout the night.

The Iboga experience is phenomenal. Being completely honest, it can be a rough ride at first but it is absolutely worth it. For me, one session was more helpful than a year of psychotherapy. I was blown away at how the Iboga revealed to me hidden fears that I did not know I held, as well as other blind spots. It helped me work through childhood trauma in a way that far exceeds talk therapy because the medicine allows participants to directly interface with their own subconscious. Johnny had told me before the retreat that the Iboga operates like a doctor who knows precisely what issues the participant needs help with. This was true of my experience.

The retreat is located in a quiet, magical, picturesque area perfect for such a transformative experience. Johnny is a wonderful cook (bonus!), super kind, and a gifted guide.

I feel fortunate to have found this retreat. It was Amazing!-LIFE CHANGING!

Claudio F.

Hello everyone, my name is Claudio. I had a very profound experience with the Iboga retreat and I had the opportunity to have visions related to past lives and one in particular allowed me to heal pain that I had behind my left shoulder since I was 15 years old. The pain was a result of being hit by an axe in a past life in the same place on my shoulder. After this vision the pain disappeared and never returned. This is something that I wanted to solve and this ceremony allowed me to do it. 

Another intent I had going into this ceremony was to start dreaming again as I would always wake up and never remember my dreams. During the ceremony I understood exactly why and so from now on after the ceremony every morning I wake up and I remember my dreams which hasn’t happened for many years. 

This has been a great experience which has changed me and allowed me to make big changes and I am much better. Thanks again. 

Patrick M.

Having experienced a pretty difficult number of years, both pre and post Covid-19, I knew I had to do something. I was very much treading water. I couldn’t keep going the way I was. My self esteem and anxiety issues were wrecking havoc on my life and still blocking my path forward. Psychedelics appealed to me as a way to eradicate some of my issues given; albeit I was cautious upon undertaking a retreat until I came across Iboga, which fascinated me. 

The retreat in Kilkenny looked brilliant. And it absolutely went beyond my expectations in terms of what it’s done for me so far, led by a fantastic guide in Johnny who is caring, considerate and compassionate. It really has resulted me in feeling much freer than ever before, as if the issues and traumas from my past are no longer shaping my future and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. In fact, shortly after my experience with Iboga I made the decision to go solo traveling, whereas in the past I could barely walk down the street of Manchester without having a near panic attack over erratic irresponsible decision-making on my behalf. I would highly advise this retreat to anyone looking for enlightenment. 

Timmy O.

Hi everyone. I’ve been an addict for most of my life, from drinking, gambling and to hard drugs. I lost both of my parents within a year of each other and I took it hard, hard enough to try Heroin. It took over my life for about 2 years. That’s when I heard about Johnny and the work he does with Iboga. I had made arrangements with himself to participate in this healing process in a lovely country lodge.

Before I got in touch with Johnny I was trying to start a new business for about a year of two, and I couldn’t get past the first base. I had a work shop but no work was being done. 

After doing the Iboga session that weekend I was seeing visions and in dreams what life would be like without the drugs, and turning my business around to make it a success. 

6 months later and a lot of hard work from friends and family, my business has taken off and I have given 3 people jobs, taking them off of social welfare. Ever since the retreat I have never thought about taking drugs. All thanks to Iboga, and thanks again Johnny. ‘

Lynne S.

What a life changing experience… I had no idea the power of Iboga. I feel calm, much less anxious and positive about life again. It’s very hard to explain the process, however it makes you look at your pain head on, and with that comes the healing. 

It was quite daunting going to the Irish countryside far away from home, but Johnny and Carl couldn’t have been more caring. They were with me every step of the way, to either help me feel calm when I felt scared or to reassure me when things felt tough. 

Thank you Johnny and Carl for taking such good care of me! 

I highly recommend the experience and you’re in safe hands with these guys. 

Simon W.

I recently spent the weekend with Johnny and quite honestly it is not easy to put into words how different I feel about myself and the outside world. I have been suffering from complex PTSD complications from Covid along with ADHD. I felt exhausted and lost before I attended the Iboga ceremony. It is now three weeks after my time in Ireland and I can honestly say I feel like a new person. My sleep apnea has also disappeared along with my PTSD. I have more energy and I feel much more at ease with myself and how I perceive the world. I cannot recommend Johnny highly enough. He is a wonderful, compassionate man who has a genuine desire to help people heal. I believe this is a start of a life-long journey and relationship with this amazing medicine.

Simon 09/06/2023 

David P.

Like most of us 2020-2022 were horrific times of stress and anxiety which combined with hypersensitivity to pain meant I was barely functioning and certainly not enthused about life. 

While I have always avoided anything psychedelic I became intrigued about the Iboga process mainly because of its ability to resolve drug addiction, after all something that works that effectively must work on a cellular and DNA level. 

This led me to investigating the retreat with the hope that it could help me with the pain. 

Having been through the process I can confirm it has helped me, not only with the pain but also by rapidly processing and dissociating me from the stress and anxiety produced through various traumatic events. I literally woke but from the ritual a changed person with a new zest for life and no longer carrying the barrage that I had accumulated. I think it helped that I have previous experience of CBT therapy so making changes to emotional stimuli are skills I had developed. 

I am hugely grateful for the care and support shown to me during the process and I genuinely felt cared for at a time of great vulnerability. 

It’s a weekend I hope to carry with me into the rest of my life. 

David – May 2023  

Dorthe w.

I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect from the weekend upon arrival. I had had several calls and I knew I felt comfortable and safe with Johnny and I had knowledge of the practicalities of what was going to happen. What I couldn’t have known is how well these practicalities were organised in order to provide me with the best setting for an absolutely incredible inner journey. Everything from the house, the location, the size of the group but also Johnny himself and the additional elements he included such as breath work contributed to this. During the session itself everything came together and culminated into a feeling of complete gratitude for every element of the journey and I cannot imagine a more powerful or more beautiful experience. I have so much gratitude and cannot recommend Get to the Root highly enough. 

Samantha T.

Attending the Iboga retreat was a truly transformative experience. I came in with some reservations and fears, but the knowledge and compassionate staff put me at ease from the very beginning. The ceremony itself was intense and challenging, but the insights and healing that followed were profound. I feel like I have a new lease on life and a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this retreat and highly recommend it to anyone seeking personal growth and healing.  

Nailik R.

A very profound experience. Johnny & Geraldine took lovely care of everyone, during the whole process we were guided and supported if necessary. Also the accommodation, the nature around it, the activities (breathwork, walking e.g.) and the food that was provided was perfect. I really appreciate the work they have done. 

Ryan M.

If you’re wondering whether Iboga can help you realize your potential, and whether Johnny is the right person to steward your journey – the answer to both questions is an emphatic yes. Johnny is exceptionally well versed in Bwiti tradition, which allows him to channel their ancient wisdom and create an authentic ceremony experience for you. Together with his modern teachings and exposure to a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, Johnny helps you effectively unlock creativity, confidence, healthy habits, as well create healing emotional and physical insights. 

Johnny earns my highest recommendation (pun intended!) 

andy C.

Johnny is an exceptional retreat leader. He is a sensitive and gracious host who is focused on the well-being and comfort of his guests, but at the same time his own deep understanding and intuition enables him to lead the retreat with the authority and respect needed to create a space that is both safe and magical. I very much look forward to joining another Get To The Root retreat, and would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering the very special healing path offered by Iboga to put their trust in Johnny.

Love and blessings, Andy

Carl D.

I can’t thank Johnny enough for the space he held during this retreat which is nothing short of amazing. Such a loving, calming and positive energy that emanates from him made me feel very comfortable as if I knew him years prior. I felt a huge shift internally after my stay with Johnny and he has helped me so much on my own healing journey since I have met him. For anybody on a healing journey looking to sit with this medicine I’d highly recommend Get to the Root, it’s a safe, loving and comfortable space for healing, I look forward to going again, thank you Johnny.

Much love, Carl

P.S. The food is great to 🙂

Danielle J.

I just want to thank you so much for organizing and perfectly facilitating the weekend. You have a lovely, kind and trusting presence. I knew I was in the right place straight away.

I am definitely feeling the benefits of the medicine. One of the main benefits for me was that I really experienced the feeling of love and now know what love is. It has given me great clarity on my feelings towards the man that I am interested in. I feel very calm and trusting about it all. I could go on and on… but I just want to say a huge thank you. 

With love, Danielle

carmel C.

It’s been a very revealing time since my amazing weekend at your retreat. A lot of journaling and reminding myself to slow down and take back my power! I will be forever indebted to you for providing this to us all.

Kindest regards, Carmel

larisa C.

I came across Johnny’s Iboga retreat by a fortunate accident ☺️

I was scrolling through getaways, in my attempt to run away from all the pressure I was feeling, I wanted to go as far away from Ireland as possible; there was a click on a page I wasn’t even aware I was clicking then out of curiosity I kept scrolling through the options then a word, Iboga, just caught my eye. I sincerely cannot tell why it was that from thousands of words that one in particular got my attention. 5 minutes later I had emailed for availability. I just knew That is where I had to go.

I had all the support I needed from Johnny throughout the entire weekend. I felt safe and in peace knowing I was looked after. The room, the house, the spacious gardens were all just perfect.
No cars, no noise, such a wonderful silence, such a magical place.

Thank you Johnny!

Friederike G.

Johnny has a deep understanding of what he does and holds a very safe space for the spirit to evolve.


Dimitrios B.

Iboga is a unique plant medicine and can work in mysterious ways, so my advice to future participants, do not have expectations. Just come with good intentions and be open to whatever will happen. That way you will get the most from it. Having said that.. Johnny and Geraldine are true believers when it comes to Iboga, and they are very serious providers. They will make sure that everything is ready for you and help you in any way they can, before, during and after the ceremony. The location is truly beautiful and you will enjoy it. 

Dimitrios, Scotland

Leah W.

I have endless gratitude to Johnny and Geraldine for holding space for me during my healing journey and life changing introduction to the plant medicine Iboga. Every detail was thought out and Johnny somehow anticipated my every need throughout the retreat. The healthy and delicious meals, warm and accepting presence made my experience a time of rest, reflection and spiritual growth. I felt a strong Intuitive pull to participate in ceremony and both Johnny and Geraldine did everything in their power to support the healing process while still encouraging and supporting my own inner resilience, intuition and ability to heal. If you are considering working with the medicine than I encourage you to trust this couple who have so humbly accepted the call to help other people heal and work with Iboga in a safe and heathy way with the utmost integrity. Thank you Johnny and Geraldine for answering the call to work with this medicine. My life and those in my life are profoundly impacted in the most wonderful way.  


Trevor D.

I had the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat with Johnny and Geraldine, they are some of the most kind and genuine people I ever met.

I felt like they truly cared and had a great respect for the medicine.

I would definitely recommend them if are are interested in working with iboga



In a time of my life where addiction and confusion clouded me, I found Johnny. His offering of ceremony with Iboga interested me.  I tried to sort out my life for months so that I could dive into the medicine with clarity, but to no ends. Things in my life got worse and worse until I was sitting one day contemplating suicide, feeling unworthy of life. 

Johnny crossed my path a few times that week and we both decided that now was the time to drop into the medicine. 

In ceremony Johnny holds a quiet confident safe space. I felt he really cared for both me and the medicine. We journeyed through some questions I had for myself, and I found my truth to be that I am deserving of life. I realized that I am a good soul, that I must take action into my lifeline towards a higher frequency of being, and that now is that time. Iboga really helped me to process deep pain and emotion I’d been holding inside. 

I’d recommend two ceremony’s back to back, with a few days of integration – I did a one ceremony retreat. It is deep medicine and Johnny takes good care of space, the food and the process, while also being a safe container for my own process. 

I highly recommend Iboga for self care, integration and addiction. Beyond that I found Johnny to be a trustworthy, kind, thoughtful and helpful man. 

I hope to work with him again in the future and I hope you allow yourself to receive this offering and journey into your highest timeline. 

Blessings and love



I was at a fork in the road when Johnny recommended he take me through an Iboga ceremony to sort out my mind and priorities. Little did I know it would help me to release and understand some past trauma that I thought I had released.
I was nervous leading up but Johnny and Geraldine helped to assure me that it was a medicine and that it can only work in your benefits. They also helped to understand the concept of working with the medicine and using intentions.
In the end I felt that I was a lot more clear on habits and things that I repeat and put up with unconsciously, and helped me to move forward in my life with greater discernment on what actions could serve me better.
I felt safe and comfortable through out the experience knowing Johnny was there to serve me in my journey. The space, guidance, and nourishment they provided really helped for me to gain the most out of the experience.
I now feel inspired to recommend Johnny and Geraldine’s work to anyone seeking clarity in thier lives.

Colleen E.

My experience I will always hold closely.  A part of myself was deeply awakened and I opened to my spirit. I had no idea!!!

To explain further, I really felt that this was medicine (it took me to where I need to go within)..with an equal value of Johnny’s guidance and knowing when I needed him and when I wanted to be quiet and process my journey.  It was like I was watching myself..knowing that I was really my spirit, if that makes sense.
That said he was always close by.
Support, respect and full understanding of my needs allowed me to open to a special part of me.
Like I said prior, I met my spirit.

I now carry that love with me day to day..my days are easier knowing I can trust myself fully. I feel like I met my best friend. As I did!! I also realized not to be attached to me! There is now a freedom!!
I did push through some feelings I didn’t know would surface but Johnnys strong  presence, and the most gentle sense at the same time made my experience unforgettable! 
Iboga will be something I will reach for again in the future, when the time is right..this being my first experience with the medicine.. I feel (now that it has been a couple of months).  I’m ready to go further.  That said my first experience was wonderful!

Thank-you Johnny!!
I’m forever grateful..

Adam p.

I would like to take a moment to share my gratitude for Johnny and Geraldine, and what they have done for me. 

I have always been on a path of seeking truth and expansion within my life. Growing up in a world which did very little to support the bright light that I was, I retracted inward and felt rather low on myself. As the years went on, this self image imprinted more and more. Fast forward down the years, I began exploring various healing modalities. They all helped a great deal, each one leading to the next, which allowed me to shed many dark layers. One day, in a synchronistic way, my friend shared their experience working with Iboga with Johnny and Geraldine. I had already heard about Iboga, and had a draw to work with it. Before I knew it, it was organized to happen!

What an experience.. Johnny and Geraldine provided a completely safe and calm setting for the 5 nights. I was fully able to unplug from life and let my healing take place. I was given wonderful guidance from them throughout the retreat which was very beneficial for me, while also receiving a lot of solitude and time for focusing inward on what I needed to. I was surprised at how great the meals were as well, something that I really looked forward to. 

The two Iboga ceremonies were like nothing else I have ever done. Difficult to describe, as it was such a personal in depth experience. Very gentle and beautiful, yet powerful and leading me through my lessons. There is certainly a spirit that was working with me, showing me exactly what I needed to see – and in exactly the way that I needed to see it. I was shown aspects of my life that I have never seen before. There were certain visions that I had forgotten about, but I needed to see in order to grow from. I was given the tools to help understand where I have come from, how I have been living my life and how amazing and beautiful I truly am. Just amazing. Leading us through the ceremonies was Johnny. He really helped me to first get comfortable and then to “get into” the ceremony. I was very much looked after all throughout. He came to visit me a few times during the ceremony, I could feel nothing but love and support. My brother. 

I hope that this gives a glimpse of my experience. With so much appreciation, I thank you Johnny & Geraldine. Much <3 love, Adam. 

jay G.

From start to finish my experience was incredible. The hospitality and love from both Johnny and Geraldine was like nothing I had experienced in previous workshops or retreats. 

Upon arrival at their home they welcomed me with open arms. Always keen to listen and give me reflection space when necessary. My hesitancy around the iboga ceremony subsided while in their company. I believe this is because they have a true understanding of iboga’s spirit and how the medicine works. This brought me so much ease. 

I was experiencing a great deal of suffering when I began the retreat. For many years I had searched for guidance and answers to so many of my inner wounds. The deepest transformation work I have done has been under the guidance of Johnny. He’s done his own inner work and was selfless while helping me reach the roots or my own suffering. I have no words to express his ability to subjectively listen to what I have to say and be able to see the core potential behind my struggle. During my ceremony I was faced with my deepest fears and the utter turmoil that had been holding me back in my life. Johnny’s presence brought me so much peace and guidance throughout this journey. The unconditional love felt from Geraldine throughout my retreat was incredible. I believe these two are a force to be reckoned with. 

My life has changed so much since my iboga retreat and many shifts have occurred. I feel excited for what each day brings and lighter than ever. I’m so grateful for all the aftercare I received as I have learned that integration is one of the most important aspects of this journey. 

I can’t recommend this retreat enough, to anyone who hear’s the calling.