Retreats & microdosing



*We like to keep our group numbers to a maximum of five people, which allows for a very personal and focused experience.


 Our two-night Iboga retreat package

You will initially be sent light microdosing, which is quite heart opening & allows you to connect with the medicine.

One week leading up to the retreat, you will receive your Welcome-Introduction package. This includes an exercise to support your upcoming work with the medicine, amongst other required documents/elements. Following this, a pre-support phone call with Johnny. 

As a guest in our space you will be fully taken care of, receiving top-quality organic meals & hydration, accommodating any dietary requirements. You will be given a balance of support & personal space, both equally as important. You will also be set up with your own comfortable private room/ shared room (depending on availability)

Post-retreat you will go home with light microdosing to support your transition back into life. 

Included, two aftercare phone calls with Johnny to support your integration. One week after the retreat & two weeks after that. 


The following is a general retreat outline

Day 1 – Friday – Arrival & first Iboga ceremony 

*No food after 2pm, no water after 6pm. 

Arrival mid-day. A warm greeting with a smudge, welcoming you into our space & allowing time to settle in. We ask for you to unplug from your phone/devices. We are happy to help during the retreat to relay any important messages to you/from you. Initial circle gathering and guided meditation, helping to ground & center ourselves. 

One on one time with Johnny. Allowing us time to connect, clear up any questions and prepare for the night to come. 

Before we gather for ceremony, we will hold a Breathwork session.  

Later in the evening, we will gather around fire and ease into our Iboga ceremony together. Let the Journey begin. 
Once the ceremony has finished, you will be gently assisted into your bedroom. 


Day 2 – Processing day 

Transitioning into the next day, the medicine will still be present with you to some degree. This is your processing day, allowing you the opportunity to work with the medicine on a more subtle level. Many find this to be the most important day, as this is very much an introspective time with yourself, allowing the opportunity to journal or voice record.

Light, nourishing and organic meals & hydration will be offered to you throughout the day.

Much of the time, we get little to no sleep on the night of the ceremony/ morning after.

Naps during the day on are common and needed.

Day 3 – Final day 

After a well rested night, you will feel back to yourself, to a certain degree. 

We will then facilitate a powerful Breathwork session, after which a healthy organic breakfast awaits you.

You are welcome to rest and gather yourself until around 11am. Most feel very refreshed, with a new lease on life. 

We will casually conclude the retreat with an integration circle, allowing anyone to share what they wish. We offer a final one on one with Johnny after the circle.

The full recovery time for each individual varies. It takes time to transition back into your world. I ask for us to schedule an aftercare phone call no later then 2 weeks after you leave, to support your transition.

*It can take around 1-2 weeks until you feel totally back to yourself. 
We suggest giving yourself a couple of days further at home, to allow for a gentle time and to further ingest & imprint teachings. 

*Email for available 2023 Retreat dates. 

*Price can be discussed during our introduction phone call. 


Interested in taking part in a retreat? 

Send us an e-mail! Tell us a little about yourself, what you are going through & why you would like to work with this medicine. From there, we can set up a phone call.                                

With open hearts, we look forward to listening to what you are going through in your life. We are happy to clear anything up and answer any questions you may have. 

After our initial phone call, one of the first things that we will ask is for you to complete a Health Assessment form. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of any past or present health conditions. We need your complete honesty.


What we believe to be just as powerful as a retreat, if not more in many ways, is microdosing Iboga. Allowing you the freedom to have the medicine sent  to you remotely, and most often the flexibility to work with the medicine as you live your day to day life. What else can you ask for, right? Here is what we have to offer. 
There are various ways to go about this, each catering to each individuals needs and lifestyle. The general way microdosing works is to dedicate yourself to a long period (1+ months), and work with the medicine on a more subtle level (or sometimes not so subtle). We allow the medicine to gradually work on taking off our onion layers, one by one. 
I believe that our greatest lessons and healing come in clear through our daily lives, as we interact with others, ourselves, and face what ever challenges are in store for us. This is, after all, called The School of Life for a reason. Everything that shows up, especially the most triggering events and people, are here to only help our souls growth. A ceremony (aka flood dose) allows us to go deep with the medicine in one shot, often giving us a  powerful “glimpse” into what we need to see (the easy part), then we take these lessons back into our lives and really do the work (the hard part). 
Microdosing allows us to gain a similar connection with the medicine, however, we integrate it with our lives, rather than the medicine being taken on a separate occasion. It’s quite amazing. This teacher plant really uses life to put our lessons in front of our face. The lessons can be either gentle or full-on. This is such a wonderful way to get to the bottom of what needs healed the most, to then live our best life.
Dosing amounts is simply determined by how much you are able to work with the medicine on a given day. 
 A low dose can often be taken while at work, not feeling any sensations of the medicine but still receiving the work being done in the background. On a quiet day off, a higher dose can be taken while going off and meditating within nature, receiving a more pronounced ability to work with the medicine and receive guidance in your own way. 
There is much flexibility with this, and each person will soon find their own rhythm, which works best for them and their lifestyle. The most important element is to continue taking the medicine over a period of time, and let the magic really unfold in your life. 
Throughout this process, guidance is given to ensure that you receive proper support, exercises and encouragement. We know the medicine very well and how it works. This is very beneficial for someone new to the medicine. 
Before we set you up with microdosing, we first make sure that it is indeed a good fit for you. If it is, we send off an initial welcome-Introductory package which you can begin one week before you start microdosing. This really helps you to prepare for your time with the medicine, and to support you getting the most healing. 

Interested in learning more about our Microdosing package? 

There is much to speak on this. Send us an email. Tell us a little about yourself, what you are going through & why you would like to work with this medicine. From there we can set up a phone call. 

After our initial phone call, one of the first things that we will ask if for you to complete a Health Assessment form. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of any past or present health conditions. We need your complete honesty.