About us

A little introduction

My name is Johnny.
I came onto this earth for the purpose of healing.
To help heal both you, and me.

26 years into this life, I realized that I first needed to heal myself.
I took this very seriously and headed for the Peruvian Amazon.
I dedicated myself, traveling back and forth throughout the years
using the teachings from a variety of sacred plant medicines and healers.

I came to understand the depths
of both my personal and collective traumas and patterns.
It was clear to me, simply, how much love was lacking.
How we are such powerful beings, capable of truly astounding things,
yet sadly, we have gotten so very disconnected with this truth. 

Continuing down the path of healing, I was led to Iboga.
As much as this medicine sounded terrifying, I trusted my inner knowing.
I participated in a single ceremony, and was astonished by it’s abilities.
I was taken to a place deep within, where my soul met the medicine’s spirit.

After revisiting the medicine various times, I came to understand my calling.
To share with my fellow brothers and sisters this beautiful medicine,
and to share all that I have to offer as a humble lightworker.

Our growth is the most natural part of this life process. 
We don’t need to necessarily re-live our past traumas to heal them, 
but to truly understand them helps to more easily shed them away. 

I am excited to offer this gift,
delivered in the most nurturing, safe and supportive way.


My partner, Geraldine

My life partner, and the strongest woman I’ve ever met.
Geraldine came to find herself on a deep healing path at age 25 
when she decided she couldn’t bare any more suffering in her life. 

Beginning her soul search in the Amazon, she was introduced to Ayahuasca.
The medicine helped to give her a mere glimpse into the dysfunction and traumas
from her upbringing, which before then she had come to accept as normal.

Geraldine returned home, and never stopped seeking out
various healing modalities, in depth books and gifted healers. 
As much as she had come to a better place in her life
there remained an underlined darkness within, showing up as addiction.

The idea of Iboga had been planted in her head years earlier.
Now, a young mother with the bigger picture in mind, she decided to go for it.
After various ceremonies, Geraldine had a calling to travel to Africa.
She completed her rites of passage and initiation into the 
Bwiti tribe in the jungle of Gabon.

Through doing the work and allowing time to accompany this
Geraldine had come to a place greater then she had hoped for. 
Much more then shedding away addictive patterns. She met herself. 

Geraldine works with you and the medicine outside of ceremony. 

She offers highly intuitive and heartfelt support, 

and above all shares her natural light hearted energy.

additional thoughts

Our additional thoughts

What is it that you need help with?
We would like to say,
You possess what it takes to truly overcome anything.
All of the tools are within you.
This beautiful medicine simply helps to show you this.
To help connect you with you.
We are here to help create a safe space for this
before – during – and after.

Within our day-to-day lives, our perception can get skewed.
Our eyes are not only cameras, taking in a scene.
Our eyes can also function as projectors, 
playing out a story in front of us –
a story that may be different from what is really happening.

Iboga is said to be, simply, “Truth”
It can show you your truth,
what you are needing to see at this moment 
in order to grow in a way that you are ready for. 

A ceremony with the medicine is only part of the journey.
The rest and most important part,
is the work that you do with the information you are given.
This medicine is not a one-time fix all pill.
It is a tool which can show you what you need,
the work that is required to grow in many ways.

This is an wonderful opportunity for you
to live the most enriched life that you can, you deserve it!