About the ceremony

The ceremony


What is experienced within an Iboga ceremony is different for everyone, and even varies for one person each time they do it. No one can tell you exactly what you will go through or what you will gain, which is why one of the most important things is to leave your expectations at the door. 

This medicine is for those who have a connection or a draw to the healing potential, which lies outside of our day-to-day 3D realm that we live in. This is the nature of Iboga. We are called to the medicine, and with great respect, we fully give ourselves to it’s teachings. This is a spirit, which sees through any of our lies and knows exactly how to distinctly serve us what we need. 

The ceremony begins with a fire talk, where we sit together to share our introspective thoughts. I establish and hold a space for us, connecting to where you are at and sharing my words. When the time is right we begin to ease into taking the medicine. At the appropriate time, I will assist you onto your ceremony mattress to lay down. Music is played to help the medicine guide you through your journey. 

I will always be close by to ensure your comfort, and will check in with you periodically.

It is often the case where people lay still for most or all of the night, focused on the very much internal experience that this is. As stated before, the experience varies quite a lot, and it is not fair to put expectations in ones head. 

With that being said, the following are examples of what people commonly experience during an Iboga ceremony – to give an idea: 

•Increase in heart rate, will eventually slow down
•Initial auditoral ringing sensation, very brief at the start/end of ceremony
•Initial overactive “monkey” mind
•Rapid “body scan” sensation (the medicine working on you) 
•Body feeling warm or cold
•Motor skills may become impaired (we will gently guide you to the restroom) 
•Tracers or flashing lights in our vision
•Purging (vomit, cry, shaking, sweating, yawning, laughing, frequent urination) Very beneficial, allow us a clearing out on an energetic, physical and emotional level. 
•Rapid overlapping thoughts, called “mind purge” (resulting in calming the mind)
•Strong visions and sense of true understanding 
•Resurface of memories
•Strong sensation of heart opening

Navigating through a ceremony


Once our intentions are set, and we direct our attention towards what we wish to gain from the medicine, it’s time for the ceremony. We take the medicine and, at it’s own pace, it begins to work with you. 

The entire experience can truly be like nothing else. As much as an Ayahuasca ceremony can share certain elements, there is so very much that makes the two completely different and unique from the other. Iboga is known for acting as a “stern grandfather”, offering a clear and deeply grounding approach. 

It depends on the person and their adaptability. Often there is a certain level of involvement required from the individual, which can take time to comprehend. The medicine can respond very well to our conscious effort, and is said to be of most benefit when we really “work with it”. Future ceremonies can be felt as more “familiar grounds” to work within, allowing an advantage. 

It is key to not get hung up on getting visuals from the medicine. They are not at all required, and some people don’t get them at all. Many times we receive wonderful insights and downloads with no psychedelic element needed. This can be rather a distraction from our experience. 

Being the observer of your experience is extremely important. For those who practice meditation or mindfulness, you are at an advantage. Within the most subtle moments, the greatest teachings can be found. The medicine shows us things in many amazing ways. Sometimes by highlighting our resistance towards something, it is showing us something very important – what we may have anger, sadness of frustration towards. 

If we are faced with something that we truly fear – The worst thing that we can do is run away from it, and the best thing that we can do is face it. To practice surrendering is ideal, giving up on the fight for control which many of us have.

To trust that the medicine is here to help us, and that it is showing you something that it knows you are ready to face. This can be the opportunity to get through it. 

Breathing. This is the best tool to help get you through anything. Certain situations may feel difficult to go through, it is amazing how our breath aids in getting us to a wonderful place. 

Fear may sometimes want to take the drivers seat. Let’s aware of this and identify if a thought is brought on by fear. Often, a wall is put in front of us – which is fear. When we break through it via faith and determination, such growth awaits us on the other side. 

Your mind-set – to get stuck in a negative spiral of “this isn’t working” or “I suck at this” will not help. It is best to have trust in the medicine, have trust in me working with you, and have trust in yourself. Help the medicine work with you. Give it your best self. 

Finally, we ultimately receive exactly what we need from the medicine. It always works in different ways, and you can get teachings during the ceremony or days later. It is best to not compare your experience to another persons. Stay focused on what you are going through, to get the most from your time with the medicine. It is amazing how it can work, in ways that we may not be used to at all.